The University of Somalia Distance Learning Program offers a variety of degree programs. The programs are based on a semester system where the academic calendar is divided into two semesters. First semester begins in September and ends in January while the second semester begins in February and ends in July.

Currently, Distance Learning Program offers degrees in five major programs of Business Administration. The length of each program is four (4) years. These programs are as follows:


The purpose of the DLP is to develop graduates qualified for professional careers in the aforementioned areas. Specifically, student will be provided with an opportunity to develop:

  • Sound knowledge and practical skills appropriate to a changing world of business administration.
  • Their ability to analyze and solve issues related to business world and make sound management decisions in private and public organizations.
  • Advanced skills in business communication that will allow students to process information efficiently
  • A wide range of careers including working as professionals and entrepreneurs,
  • Leadership in the business community.

  Mode of Delivery

The DLP offers a wide range of undergraduate courses delivered through a traditional correspondence mode without personal contact (Known in Somalia as Aqoon Dirsi). As such, students do not need internet connection. When a student registers for a semester, the Distance Learning Program Office/coordinator provides the student information applicable to the courses, including how to purchase study materials such as textbooks, CDs, student ID and administrative details. This information is conveyed to the student by email/Post. The Distance Learning Center is also open for any additional assistance a student may need.


The Faculty of Business Administration currently confers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Distance Learning Program recommends students should take a normal load of 18 credit hours per semester. Therefore, to qualify for graduation, a student must have accumulated 144 credit hours including a graduation project of three (3) credits. In other words, all students must complete eight 8 semester units of correspondence credit toward the University of Somalia degree. The candidates appearing at the examination through distance learning shall be treated at par with regular students. However, the degree awarded to the candidates under distance learning shall have a clear mention that the degree pertains to distance learning program.


University of Somalia maintains an “Open Door” admission policy. Admission as a student to UNISO Distance Learning Program leading to a degree requires the following three simple steps:

  • A fully completed application form,
  • Official/certified copy of original secondary school certificate
  • And six passport-size photographs.

Application Process

Admissions Application – A non-refundable admission fee of $30 must accompany the completed application. The form may be obtained by contacting the DLP main office in Mogadishu or the relevant Distance Learning Center. (Please note that acceptance and completion of your application is not based on the receipt of the $30 application fee.)

The application form and its attachments must be sent to:

Distance Learning Program Center/Coordinator

University of Somalia


UNISO Administrative Headquarters in Zone K, Mogadishu

The Unit for Distance Learning Program

Tel: +252619777000

E-mail: distancelearning@uniso.edu.so



  •  Registration – Complete the registration form which may be obtained by contacting the relevant Distance Learning Office/Center.
  • The registration form should be forwarded to the following addresses. Payment of registration fees should accompany the form. Payment options are available including third-party payment arrangements. Forward your registration form and payment to the above addresses:
  • Allow approximately two weeks for your registration to be processed. You will be notified by email/Post with specific instructions regarding your course(s).
  •  Once registration completed, study materials including textbooks, CDs and other required course materials are shipped to your home address.


If you are a Somali or internationally located applicant undertaking your first undergraduate degree at UNISO, the tuition fee for 2016 will be $500 per semester for internationally located students and $300 for residents in Somalia. Such fees do not include other charges such as admission fees as well as the cost of Study Materials and examination arrangements. The fees must be paid in full within the first week of the semester.

 How and Where to Pay Your Fees

 All tuition fees shall be payable to University of Somalia at any of the following banks by cheque or Visa/Master Card:


  • Salaam Somali Bank Account No. 300006390
  • Dahabshiil Bank               Account No. 2146
  • Trust African Bank Account No. 000122


All withdrawals from Distance Learning Program must be approved and processed by the Distance Learning Coordinator. Withdrawals may be initiated by the student, or a University administrative staff member.

All student-initiated withdrawal requests must be in writing by email, or hand delivery to the Distance Learning Coordinator/Center. A withdrawal fee of $25 must accompany this request. Withdrawal deadlines and instructions are fully explained in the Financial Department’s Brochure.

To receive honorable dismissal, a student who voluntarily withdraws from the University and who is enrolled in Distance Learning courses must notify the Distance Learning Office/Centre, as well as the Coordinator.

A student completing this process before the beginning of the final examination period will have a “W” record on the permanent record. A student who withdraws without following this required procedure will be awarded an “F”.


Students who elect to withdraw from the registration or the DL program completely will have their refund calculated in accordance with the University’s Refund Policy. For all financial matters and calculations, please refer to the Financial Department’s Brochure.


A student may request a change from one program to another. However, he/she must secure the approval of the Coordinator of Distance Learning Program. The fee for a change of program is $25. This change may be made only once. The initial enrollment date remains effective.


When enrollment is complete, it is the student’s responsibility to study the material required for the course and prepare for semester examinations (Mid-Term and Final exam). Examinations are normally held in November and January for the first Semester and March and July for the second Semester. The examinations are likely to be conducted over a period of ten days maximum. The written examination of the courses shall be held at one of the UNISO campuses in Mogadishu for residents in Somalia and the UK centre located…………… . The results of these examinations provide the sole basis for determining whether a credit is earned for the course.

DLP Re-Examination Policy Regarding Final Exam

Distance Learning courses are designed to be completed in specific time frames. Semester courses are to be completed within 16 weeks in each semester. If a student misses for whatever reason or fails the final exam, he/she must request re-examination in writing along with a fee of ten ($10) Dollars addressed to the relevant dean within one week of the posting of the final exam results. These requests will be considered on an individual basis. Students who are granted a re-examination will be notified by the dean/registrar within one week of his/her request. All administration associated with the re-examination (offering the exam, grading, and assigning the final grade shall be completed before the first day of classes for the following semester.)


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